Submission Guidelines and Other Information

a.Language:The paper could be in either English or Hindi or Saṁskṛta.
b.Originality of the paper:The paper must not have been previously published elsewhere, nor should it be under-consideration or under-publication in another journal. The authors are requested to undertake a plagiarism check before submission. If the paper has been adapted from one’s own doctoral or post-doctoral work, the same must be duly acknowledged. In case of any discrepancy of the sort pertaining to this and/or any other guideline, the legal onus shall lie entirely with the author.
Important: The author must highlight the most important point of novelty, in the paper, in form of the first endnote. An omission in this regard, will invite a request for re-submission from the author.
c.Review of submissions:Submitted paper shall undergo double blind review and published subsequent to referee reports.
d.Blinded Manuscript:The paper must be submitted anonymously to enable blind review, following the submission link available on the website.
The manuscript must not bear name or other identities of the author(s). The name, institutional affiliation, mail-address for correspondence, may be submitted in a separate document, i.e., the title page.
e.Title Page:The title page should bear the following information, apart from the title -
1.) the name(s) of the author(s),
2.) The affiliation(s) of the author(s) and
3.) an active e-mail address of the author(s).
f.Abstract and Keywords:An abstract of around 150 words and 3-8 keywords must be added at the beginning of the main text.
g.Main Text:Kindly use end-noting. Notes and references must follow the same style as the remaining of the manuscript. Kindly avoid lengthy end-notes, keeping the same to a minimum.
h.Referencing:MLA or Chicago style may kindly be preferred.
i.Font style:For English, kindly follow Cambria or Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 spacing. For Hindi, Kruti Dev font style is preferred.
j.Interdisciplinary Papers:Only such interdisciplinary papers shall be considered which have to do primarily with philosophy or unravel a fresh intersection of another discipline with philosophy. Contributors making interdisciplinary submissions must avoid jargon and nuances of other disciplines.
k.Length of paper:Normally papers (inclusive of notes and references) exceeding 10,000 words shall not be accepted.
l.After Review:The authors will be communicated changes if any and given a time period of not more than five days to make the moderations.
m.After Acceptance:The authors will be intimated and may be mailed a paper-set soft copy of manuscript for proof reading. The same must be done within five days. Only minor changes shall be entertained at this stage.
n.Author’s copy:Contributing authors shall receive for free a soft-copy and a hard copy of the issue incorporating their paper.