About the Journal

A Peep into the past

    Journal of Foundational Research (ISSN 2395-5635), is the research journal of UGC-Centre for Advanced Studies, Department of Philosophy, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. It is a peer-reviewed, biannual, trilingual research journal. It was first published in the year 1993 under the aegis of UGC. 27 volumes of the journal have been brought out so far. The journal was envisioned by eminent logician and erstwhile director of the centre, Prof. Biswambhar Pahi, as a platform to promote research in core and foundational realms of philosophy. The first decade of the publication history of journal, saw special issues on Greek philosophy, Indian poetics, Indian philosophy of language. Over the years, in order to encourage research in the applied realm of the discipline and to have an interdisciplinary approach, the journal was brought out as special volumes on applied and practical philosophy and interdisciplinary studies. Several eminent scholars and philosophers have made contribution to the journal. In the recent XXVIIth volume, contribution was made by Prof. Ernest Sosa, father of virtue epistemology.

Aims and Scope

    The Journal as of present, aims to promote research and fresh understanding of both Indian and Western traditions of thought. All the same, since the department and centre at Jaipur has long been a prestigious seat of comparative philosophy, with Prof. P. T. Raju and Prof. Dayakrishna being its progenitors here, with their own approaches, the journal also encourages a cross-cultural understanding of ideas from both East and West. In particular, it welcomes textual research into the classics and an interdisciplinary engagement of contemporary problems.